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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.” - Miss Piggy


Piggy Rocks man




“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”

- Miss Piggy


Piggy Rocks man

The only thing I can process is ”lol Sams arms tapping his sides”


4x02 - Are you there God? It´s me Dean Winchester

That moment

Sam and Dean

turnt into Bobbygirls

along with the rest of us

John Barrowman/Gareth David-Lloyd - Final Goodbyes
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Ianto Jones and Jack Harkness: Final Goodbyes (House of the Dead)

IANTO: Jack? Who’s dead?
JACK: *sighs*
IANTO: What does he mean?
JACK: The person I knew I’d find if I came here, to the last night of the house of the dead. Ianto Jones.
IANTO: Jack.. what?
JACK: Ianto.. six months ago.. you died in my arms. You’re a ghost.
JACK: I came looking for you. I couldn’t resist it.
IANTO: I’m dead?
JACK: You were here waiting for me when I walked in. Ianto Jones, never late.
IANTO: But I feel… Real. I’m not a ghost. I had porrige this morning. Didn’t I? Jack, I can’t remember.
JACK: I didn’t think you’d be so real. I had hoped for less.
IANTO: Thanks.
JACK: No don’t understand. I thought it would just look like you.
IANTO: What?!
JACK: I could’ve coped with that. I didn’t dream it would actually be you. Serieth used my grief and reached into time, she recreated you and I.. Oh I… I can’t bear to look at you.
IANTO: You can’t… Jack!
JACK: I’m sorry Ianto, I’m sorry..
IANTO: Don’t.. Touch me! Don’t!
JACK: Okay
IANTO: So.. How did I die?
JACK: It was all over so quickly.
IANTO: Not an answer. Was it your fault?
JACK: You were one of the first victims of an alien plague. You were so brave. You died saving the world.
IANTO: Well you think I’d remember that… But I don’t. Did I get a funeral?
JACK: I don’t know. I wasn’t there.
IANTO: What?
JACK: I had to leave. I am sorry.
IANTO: You couldn’t leave me rest in peace. You’ve done this to me. Dragged me back just to day goodbye. This isn’t about closing the rift, destroying that creature, or even your bloody stones; It’s not even about me. This.. This is all about you, Jack.
JACK: Ianto, this isn’t how I planned it.
IANTO: What were you hoping for? That I’d say a few nice words? That I’d be grateful?
JACK: I just wanted to see you one more time, that’s all! It’s.. it’s why I came here!
IANTO: Well, that’s lovely.
JACK: Ianto, all the people I’ve lost.. don’t you understand.. The only one I wanted to see was you.
IANTO: Thanks. At least you didn’t forget me.
JACK: How could I? I may be immortal, but I don’t forget. I lose everyone, but I don’t forget any of you. I work so hard to remember.
IANTO: You make it sound like charity work.
JACK: Don’t say that! Never say that!
IANTO: I didn’t think the last thing I’d ever say to you would be this… Ju-.. just.. go away. This is horrible.
JACK: I had to see you again. You have no idea what it felt like coming back to life knowing the world was empty, because you’d gone. No matter how many times I die I always wake up alone.
IANTO: I didn’t ask to come back.
JACK: Neither did I. Ah heh, you and me, Ianto Jones, together again at the end. How it should be. In a few seconds Serieth will rise. I’ll triggor this device destroying her, sealing the rift forever.
IANTO: You’re not planing on coming back are you?
JACK: MmMm no. It’ll be a pretty big bang.
IANTO: You can’t die.
JACK: Next best thing. Eternal oblivion. Lost in the space between worlds forever. And come on, it’s quite a way to go! Ah ha, I think I’ve lived long enough. I’ve seen you once more. What else is there?
IANTO: Well.. we could just go.
JACK: What?!
IANTO: My dad said we could both leave together.
JACK: Ahhahaha heh never. You’re kidding right? You mean, leave here?
IANTO: Why not try it? The rift, ancient evil, magic pebbles. Just for once, let someone else deal with it.
JACK: Can we do that?
IANTO: I’m real aren’t I?
JACK: Oh.. It’ll never work. We cross that door and we’ll be back in the real world. What if you vanish? Wha-.. What’ll happen?
IANTO: Thats no reason for not trying. Seems a shame, ya know? To get me back only to lose me again. Touch careless.
JACK: Aheh true. Serieth, the last remnant of a dead universe; Ah she’s not so special, but there’s only one Ianto Jones.
IANTO: And there’s only ever been one Captain Jack Harkness.
JACK: Aheh ahuh, Aw screw it! It’s worth a try. Let’s leave the device here for Serieth.
IANTO: The whole place is falling into the rift.
JACK: Ahah! We better go no.
IANTO: Cross that doorway and there’s no coming back.
JACK: Why would I want to? I’ve got you back, Ianto. Let’s do this. Come on Ianto, be brave.
IANTO: Always
JACK: Welcome back to the land of the living, Ianto Jones. Has it worked? Are you real again? Ianto? Ianto??
IANTO: I’m not coming.
JACK: Ianto no! Come on, there’s still time.
IANTO: No Jack, you know I can’t. My place is here, in the ‘House of the Dead’, with your device, saving the world.
JACK: Don’t do this.
IANTO: Sorry Jack. Somebody’s got to destroy the rift. Quite a way to go!
JACK: No! Not like this! Don’t leave me like this.
IANTO: I gotta go.
JACK: Ianto, no! I never said it properly before.
IANTO: Doesn’t need saying.
JACK: Yes it does! Ianto Jones… I love you.
IANTO: And I love you too, Jack.

I lose it every time, with the dialogue and the sad music playing in the background. It’s heart-breaking. So why do I keep listening to it when I know I’ll end up in tears? - Cause it’s beautiful, that’s why!

Did anyone notice:

Ianto: Doesn’t need saying.
Jack: yes it does!…

cause I noticed it sorta mirrored my feelings at the end of Journey’s end

Doctor: Does it need saying?

I remember this hit me like a ton of bricks the first time I listened to it. Was not expecting this at all. BBC said ALL THREE radio plays were pre-COE, so…. I only realized what was happening when Jack said “six months ago…”

What amazed me was their perfection of the timing of this piece. He says “six months ago” here. In CoE, Jack spent six months wandering Earth before he left. This means that he went back to the House of the Dead to sacrifice himself just before he met Gwen on the hill outside of Cardiff in order to leave Earth.

Which means that the chance to say goodbye to Ianto’s ghost was the ONLY thing keeping him on the planet for half a year. Afterwards, there was nothing left.

Exactly. That and the prospect of his own sacrifice. I think that had it really only been a shadow of Ianto, like he’d been expecting, Jack would’ve gone through with his original plan of sacrificing himself in order to close the Rift. When Ianto did it instead, Jack had absolutely no reason to stay on Earth, since his original plan was to leave anyway through eternal oblivion.